Tip of the Week: Coaching Forms & Documents

Tip of the Week: Creating Your Own Coaching Forms & Documents

The Digital Coaching Cabinet was built to be like a digital filing cabinet for instructional coaches!

With that being said, wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to (1) replicate your own coaching forms in a digital format, (2) fill them in while you are coaching your educator, and (3) email a copy of the completed coaching form directly to your educator?!

Know what one of the most surprising requests from our users has been?

“I wish I could find a coaching platform where I could create my own coaching forms online and fill them in digitally.”

WE HAVE THAT FEATURE NOW! The Coaching Forms & Documents feature within the Deluxe Plan allows coaches too:

  • Utilize our pre-made digital coaching forms
  • Create their own digital coaching forms
  • Create new entries for each coaching form for educators and groups of educators
  • Email copies DIRECTLY to educators and groups from within the platform

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